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  • 旅行社牌照號碼:L-SC-GN00901

    Travel Agency License Number ?L-SC-GN00901

    目的地介紹/Destination Introduction

    蜀山之王貢嘎山~伍須?!偶仪楹z影之旅 8 日(專業攝影版)

    The king of Shushan Gongga Mountain~Wuxuhai Lake~ Yajia Loving Sea Photography Tour 8 Days(Professional Photography Route)

    貢嘎湖全景 1920 .jpg

    景點介紹/Scenic spot introduction:

    貢嘎山:貢嘎山以冰川聞名,山麓有現代冰川 159 條,主峰海拔 7556 米,是地球同緯度及四川省最高的山峰,被譽為“蜀山之王”。圍繞主峰周圍有 45 座海拔 6000 米以上的雪峰,方圓 390 多平方公里內,有眾多冰川、溫泉、湖泊、森林、高 山草甸及珍稀動、植物。 


    雅哈埡口:雅哈埡口海拔 4568 米,距貢嘎山主峰直線距離約 30km,是觀貢嘎主峰及貢嘎群峰的極佳點!


    圣母之淚? 冷噶措:位于康定市貢嘎山西側幫木吉德村后方海拔 4500 米以上的高山上,有一個冰雪融化形成的終年不涸的高山湖 泊,被人譽為“貢嘎山的一滴眼淚”,當地藏族同胞稱之為“圣母之淚?冷噶措”。冷嘎措的湖邊,是眺望貢嘎山主峰 最正面的絕佳位置,蹲下,則看見貢嘎山的雪峰倒影在湖面上,渾然天成,大氣磅礴!被稱為“大自然的驚艷之作!”。



    Gongga Mountain: Gongga mountain is famous for its glaciers, there are 159 contemporary glaciers at the foot of the mountain, the main peak is 7,556 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province in the same latitude of the earth, known as "The king of Shushan". Around the main peak there are 45 snow-capped peaks with an altitude of more than 6,000 meters, within an area of more than 390 square kilometers, there are numerous glaciers, hot springs, lakes, forests, alpine meadows, rare animals and plants. 

    Yaha Yakou: Yaha Yakou is 4,568 meters above sea level, about 30km away from the main peak of Gongga Mountain as the crow flies, it is an excellent point for viewing the main peak of Gongga Mountain and the group peaks of Gongga Mountain!

    lady-tears ? Lengga Lake: Located at the rear of Bangmujide Village on the west side of Gongga Mountain in Kangding City at an altitude of more than 4,500 meters, there is a alpine Lake formed by the melting of ice and snow, which is never dry all the year round, known as "a drop of tears on Gongga Mountain", the local Tibetans call it "the lady-tears ? Lengga Lake". On the edge of the Lengga Lake, it is the best place to view the front of the main peak of Gongga Mountain, if you squat down, you can see the snowcapped peak of the Gongga Mountain reflected on the lake, natural and majestic! Known as "nature's stunning work"! 

    Wuxuhai Lake: Wuxuhai Lake Scenic Area is mainly composed of snow peaks, old-growth forest, lakes, streams, meadows, sea of flowers, a variety of rare plants and animals and unique Tibetan customs.


    Best time to visit:April to December


    Never arrange a tourist shopping store


    Gift of mineral water

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